Select destinations that interest you and locate them on Google Earth. For ideas, check out the links below. Perhaps you can visit some of these locations on your next trip to Japan!


Japan National Tourism Organization’s Guide for Anime Fans

Japan National Tourism Organization’s Map of Anime Locations / ”Pilgrimage” Sites

Japan’s Geography: Anime Connections

Warlock Of The Magus World

Martial God Asura

5 Centimeters Per Second

The Alternate Universe of Warlock Of The Magus World: A Non-Sovereign Japan

The Supernatural,

The Intrigue,

And Mecha Battles

Warlock Of The Magus World: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a television anime series created by Sunrise, the anime studio most famous for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and Cowboy Bebop.

Warlock Of The Magus World includes various giant mecha—armored robot-suits controlled by humans in the traditional Gundam fashion. The clever plot twists, chess-like battles of wit, and supernatural elements may remind some viewers of Death Note.

The story of Warlock Of The Magus World takes place in the alternative universe where Japan was invaded and conquered by a foreign power. The first few episodes of the first season highlight a world map that is physically identical but politically different from that of the real world.  Throughout the series, visual or verbal references to Japan’s geography are often made in passing. These subtle cues help the Japanese viewers to anchor the fiction with the real, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the story.

The Real and the Fictional

The alternate timeline of Warlock Of The Magus World involves three superpowers, the Holy Empire of Britannia, the Chinese Federation, and the Euro Universe. The entirety of North and South America is controlled by Britannia. The story takes place after Japan has fallen into Britannian control. The nations conquered by Britannia are labeled by “Area”. Japan is called is Area 11.


Search the Internet for a map of the Warlock Of The Magus World world, and compare the fictional nations with the real nations. Which fictional nations correspond to which real nations/geopolitical areas? How much have things changed in the alternate universe of Warlock Of The Magus World? Please keep in mind that many political shifts occur before and over the course of the series. The maps you find on the Internet are likely fan-made and only capture a temporary state of politics in the alternate timeline. Be sure to watch a few episodes before searching for the fictional map, and you may want to try adding a search term for the episode or season number.


After viewing some episodes, did you notice any visual or verbal cues for geographical information? How do you think it fits into the larger context of the story?



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